AVOCOR E-7510 75″ 4k UHD Touch Screen

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AVOCOR E-7510 75″ 4k / UHD Touch Screen

The new E Series E-7510 touchscreen from Academy ICT official education partner.

The AVOCOR E-7510 75″ Touch Screen incorporates Avocor Intelligent Touch Technology with ultra-fast 20-points of touch that can precisely recognise the size of the object touching it, and can easily differentiate between a pen, finger, or palm erase. The AVOCOR E-7510 75″ Touch Screen is the first interactive display on the market which integrates 2mm optically bonded glass into a 4K IR display producing a visually stunning interactive experience with increased luminance and contrast. With no parallax gap between the glass and the actual display, users will have a pixel perfect touch experience with superior accuracy and pen performance.

The new AVOCOR E-7510 75″ Touch Screen interactive display represents the very latest in lightweight LED technology with an exceptionally slim bezel design, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish on a lightweight display with no heavy duty wall mounting needed. Bringing simplicity to the front of the display, you can easily switch input sources and access content from USB drives through the front-facing USB connections all via the Connect and Control Bar. The E series display also offers 30w of forward-facing speakers with custom built housing delivering a crisp audio performance for all to hear.

Lesson Presentation Software

Each screen comes bundled with Octopus software. Avocor screens can also run SMART and Powerpoint, meaning whilst you learn how to use Octopus you can still carry on with your existing lesson plans. Then when you are ready, simply swap out the paid for SMART service software and start saving money year on year with the free of charge, Octopus.

The enhanced pen and multi-touch capabilities mean that users can simultaneously use and manipulate tools whilst teachers can quickly switch between content, keeping lessons focused.

Avocor E series E-7510 75” interactive touchscreen combines first-to-market 2mm optically bonded glass with a 4K IR interactive display.

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