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CTOUCH  Riva 2 55″ 4K /UHD * CTOUCH  Riva 2 65″ 4K /UHD

CTOUCH  Riva 2 75″ 4K /UHD * CTOUCH  Riva 2 86″ 4K / UHD

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Full range of CTOUCH Riva R2 and D2 Screens. Ready to ship to U.K schools, colleges and academies

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Why Academy ICT partner with CTOUCH for Education

CTOUCH offers the highest calibre front of the classroom and small hall audio visual technology at a price point every school can afford. They offer exemplary support both pre-purchase and post install. Their training department excels in delivering really useful CPD to teachers and the tech team are always on hand to offer fast and sensible advice.

As a strategic partner for education, you can rest assured on price and quality of service.

Do you want the best or the very best for your classroom? The CTOUCH Riva 2 is available in two models: the CTOUCH Riva R2 and the CTOUCH D2. The CTOUCH Riva R2 is a state-of-the-art education technology solution, the perfect companion to the most modern of classrooms. The CTOUCH Riva D2 is the best choice for schools looking for a cost-effective teaching tool.

Classroom-ready and complete solution

Academy ICT offers a complete portfolio of CTOUCH products designed for education and to suit every need and budget, each created specifically for teachers and students.

Mozabook is an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any CTOUCH screen.

Annotate – Collaborate – Present – Poll – Improve 

Mozabook software allows you to annotate and work over or alongside any software application, your existing content, or over a web browser. Available in 42 languages and compatible with Windows and Mac, Mozabook gives everyone, whether the teacher, SMT or student – the flexibility to use the application, content and resource of their choice.

Lowest Educational Prices – from £1300

Our prices are lower than those found online, but we do ask that you introduce your school before we send the quote. We only sell to schools, academies and colleges in England and Wales. We can offer a turnkey solution including installation, configuration, testing and ongoing CPD.

Full Range of CTOUCH Riva, Riva 2 and NEO 4k Screen – 55″ –  65″ – 75″ – 86″

As schools differ in size so do the CTOUCH screen options. Where a 65″ works in one room it may require the larger 86″ in another. Allow Academy ICT to show you the range and help you decide which screen size works best.

Who else likes CTOUCH?

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Academy ICT supplied us with seven CTOUCH screens and we have never looked back. The order is ready for 6 more this Easter.

Comparing them to the old boards is quite amusing. These offer so much power and content. The teachers find them a great addition to the classroom and our students love them.

Bursar. West Midlands Primary School

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