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HP for Education 2020

“offering massive financial and operational benefits to schools & colleges ”

Academy ICT, your education only ICT specialist, welcomes you to HP For Education 2020

Following on from a successful 2019 programme in which 1.9 million was given back to schools, the 2020 programme is looking to give yet more.

This year we are looking to enhance diversity and well being, reduce teacher workloads, improve recruitment and retention, deliver effective governance all whilst maximising your budget.

But what is it? – Surely it’s too good to be true!

Since 2017 HP for Education has been giving back to schools via this programme, to the tune of £6 million.

Academy ICT schools have received between £500 and £40,000 each

If you still feel “it’s too good to be true” then we have a long line of reference schools for you to speak to.

South Camberley
Clacton County High School
Thomas Lord Audley
Stanway School
Wembley Primary School
Lutterworth College
Bredon Hill Academy
Swan Lane First

HP for Education will run alongside your IT strategy but return massive benefits to the whole school.

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The rewards from the programme will allow you to invest in all areas of school life.

In 2020 we will be focusing on four critical pillars of school life.

The first is Leadership & Management, including Safeguarding, Data, Communications, GDPR and collaboration.

The second is Teaching & Learning, including Assessment, Behaviour, Attitudes and CPD.

The third is the Curriculum in which the offerings from this scheme will benefit all manor of the wide and varied subject matter.

The fourth is Infrastructure where we focus on Virtual Reality and AI, Website Design, Classroom Tools and Control Technology.

How does your school benefit?

Your school will get money back for old devices either not in use or no longer suitable for school needs.

They will be recycled free of charge and in a responsible way.

You get e-credit to spend on solutions that perhaps your budget could not reach to before.

How does it work?

The cashback you earn from trading in your old hardware can be put towards the purchase of other solutions, via Academy ICT or received as cash into your school bank account.

Initial scepticism became overwhelming gratitude.

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Budgets are falling year on year and we get calls every day about free this and free that. Our initial scepticism became overwhelming gratitude.

We could not have afforded to go ahead without Academy ICT giving us access to the scheme.

IT Manager - Trust Level

Is my School or College eligible?

So long as your school or college is in the UK and the hardware you are sending back is in working order you should qualify.

Why don’t you contact the HP for Education team at Academy ICT to find out more?

Is it hard to use the trade-in scheme?

It’s really simple to use the scheme.

  • Purchase a qualifying HP product via Academy ICT
  • Upload the Academy ICT invoice to the HP portal
  • Box up the old hardware and use the sticky postage label HP will send to you
  • Await collection
  • Receive the funds into your school fund

Why should we use Academy ICT?

We place the benefits of the scheme alongside your IT strategy so that you get the very best from it. That’s why so many schools and colleges use us and that’s why we are a “Master” status partner. Allow our status to gain your school or college the maximum from the programme.

The Community Tech Challenge £25,000 Grant

Over the coming year, your school could be one of four schools to win a £25,000 technology fund from HP. To enter the competition, all you need to do is tell HP how your school would benefit from £25,000 investment in education products and services from HP.

Contact us today to find out how to enter.

Give Your School Access to HPFE Today

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It takes one email or one phone call to Academy ICT and you can be up and running.

How one school recently received a 39% or in cash terms £6,600 saving.

One of our schools purchased 30 Desktop PC’s from us in April 2019.

The price from their usual supplier was £430 each but Academy ICT secured them for just £350 each.

They traded in 30 eleven-year-old, core 2 duo PC’s and received £3,000

They used the £3,000 to buy new LED monitors for £100 each, which they traded in some old ones against and received another £1,200 (£600 Trade in and £600 Loyalty Reward)

They used £600 to buy warranty upgrades and £600 to buy a teacher laptop that came with an onsite warranty.

From there initial quote of £12,900 just for the PC’s the school paid £10,500 for 30 PC’s, 30 LED’s, 30 Warranties and 1 teacher laptop. A total saving of £6,600


Via Academy ICT you will get lower purchase prices, more cash back, better rewards and access to the highest calibre advice in ICT for education

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