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HP for Education trade-in scheme 2019

Trade-in any brand desktop, laptop or tablet for £100 per item.

Welcome to HP For Education from Academy ICT

We partner with HP to improve outcomes in education. What we aspire to achieve and what we want to deliver to our schools is critical to our partnerships. Get instant access to HP Promotional Rewards via your dedicated HP for Education partner “Academy ICT”

But what is it? – Surely it’s too good to be true!

Since 2018 HP for Education has been giving back to schools via this programme. Academy ICT schools have received between £500 and £40,000.

We have a long line of reference schools for you to speak to if you still feel “it’s too good to be true”

How does your school benefit?

Your school will get money back for old devices either not in use or no longer suitable for school needs.

They will be recycled free of charge and in a responsible way.

You get credit to spend on other solutions that perhaps your budget could not reach to before.

How does it work?

The cashback you earn from trading in your old hardware can be put towards the purchase of other goods via Academy ICT or received as cash into your school bank account.

Is my School or College eligible?

So long as your school or college is in the UK and the hardware you are sending back is in working order you should qualify.

Why don’t you contact the HP for Education team at Academy ICT to find out more?

Is it hard to use the trade-in scheme?

It’s really simple to use the scheme.

  • Purchase a qualifying HP product via Academy ICT
  • Upload the Academy ICT invoice to the HP portal
  • Box up the old hardware and use the sticky postage label HP will send to you
  • Await collection
  • Receive the funds into your school fund

Why should we use Academy ICT?

We are experts in the HP for Education scheme. We place the benefits of the scheme alongside your IT strategy so that you get the very best from it.

Allow our expert status to gain your school or college the maximum from the programme.

Even without the scheme, you will find our hardware prices some of the very best in the UK education marketplace.


What else does the school get?

As you use the scheme you are able to access more benefits as you reach higher tiering levels, such as becoming eligible to enter into competitions for high value IT prizes, like the £25,000 Community Tech Challenge or the STEM Studio.

The Community Tech Challenge Grant

Over the coming year, your school could be one of four schools to win a £25,000 technology fund from HP. To enter the competition, all you need to do is tell HP how your school would benefit from £25,000 investment in education products and services from HP.

Contact us today to find out how to enter.

STEM / STEAM Studio worth over £8,000

This is a joint HP and Intel initiative where schools or colleges can win a STEM studio.

Loyalty Rewards

These are smaller items such as LED monitors or Warranty upgrades, that post-purchase enable you to claim yet more credit back to your online account. These are not trade in purchases, simply rewards for purchasing HP.

example – purchase an HP 21.5 inch LED screen for £100 and receive £20 back as credit.


Via Academy ICT you will get lower purchase prices, more cash back, better rewards and access to the highest calibre advice in ICT for education

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