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“we love working with school IT teams”


“We love working with school IT teams”

Our founder, Brian Stoneman, has been working within the IT industry for nearly two decades and his mission of always putting the School first is shared throughout the whole company.

We only look after schools, academies and colleges and we do nothing unless it benefits our clients.

Your very own key account manager

What is a key account manager and why is it different to an account manager?

A Key account manager is assigned to a school, academy or college to oversee the internal account team assigned to a particular school. Key account management includes sales but also includes planning and managing the full relationship between Academy ICT and our clients. They will understand your school’s vision and look to help create an IT strategy so that your ICT plan meets your operational goals.

Understanding your future

Our dedicated key account managers are responsible for understanding what you need from your ICT solution, and where it needs to take you in the future. They will always endeavour to find the optimum solution for your school and will look out for great deals along the way too. You will be offered value for money and scalable, engaging solutions that enthuse your users and improve outcomes in the classroom.

When designing your solution we ask ourselves:

“How can this solution improve the School?”
“What can it do, that they don’t already have?”

Everything your school needs

We can provide powerful and engaging software connected to robust, flexible and scalable hardware. Using the latest application of technology, our schools benefit from modern, stable and effective ICT solutions.

At Academy ICT we can supply everything your school needs – Including Whole School Software, Hardware Solutions, Software & Licensing Solutions and Training & CPD.

Supplying world-class hardware and modern software to improve experiences and outcomes for IT staff, SMT, teachers and students.

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“Academy ICT have always gone above and beyond with regards to our needs as a school. The attention to detail is highly impressive, and there is a knowledge of the industry which is invaluable to school staff.”

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At Academy ICT we can supply everything a school needs. To see how we can help you and your school, get in touch today.

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