Long Range Wireless (Carrier Class)

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Proven Point-to-Point (PTP) solutions deployed in formidable environments for the most demanding of situations

You have a distance problem

You need to connect your network to the annexe block on the other side of the busy main road which cannot be dug up. Maybe you must connect to the feeder School across town, or perhaps to another school in the trust, a mere 50 miles away?

Greater Mb per £

You cannot afford to or simply do not want to pay £0000’s for a leased line and you also need more than a few Mb.

What our customers say

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“For 12 months our incumbent failed to get the link across town to work. You took 6 weeks to make it happen. It’s never once stopped working and it delivers really fast speeds for 1/3 of the cost of a lease line. To say we are very happy would be an understatement.”

What’s the Solution

Academy ICT provides “carrier class” long-range wireless, point to point solutions (no lasers involved!!)

This solution is more cost-effective than a leased line and can be moved if you need to repurpose it to another site.


You receive a turnkey solution including

Demonstration and trial to gauge signal strength.

Full Installation, including any network infrastructure and power.

Onsite post-installation support.


Stanway School in Essex used a Long Range Wireless Solution from Academy ICT to connect their main School network to a training block 2.4 miles away.

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