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We believe that locally based servers offer the best value for schools, whilst The Cloud offers a sensible future.

Find your School’s optimum mix of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises infrastructure to achieve greater simplicity, security, governance and speed.

Multi-Tiered Solutions

We offer virtual server farm installations, on-site SAN, with multi-tiered backup solutions of both virtual machine and files.

We still believe that schools gain the best long-term value from having local servers but since there needs to be a sensible roadmap to the cloud or part cloud, we can also offer you hybrid server solutions.

Understand the right balance for your servers

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Speak to our server room experts on the correct balance for your establishment

Hybrid Solutions

These may take the form of hyper-converged servers and storage. They may look like a basic mixed environment but we are working with Dell, Intel or with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to deliver the best solution for your scenario.

Our hybrid cloud solution is one that allows your services to be hosted remotely or in the cloud. You gain from the economies of scales achieved by bringing services to a central hub site, while maintaining some on-premise servers and most importantly, control of your critical data can remain stored locally.

You will benefit from keeping the local hardware in place but with cloud-based software “ring fencing” your server room and allowing you to harness the potential benefits of the cloud without the often high cost in placing all applications there. We do have space in a data centre so if you are moving to full or part cloud we can further provide both SAAS and IAAS solutions for your school.


When is The Cloud the only solution?

If you are looking at a disaster recovery scenario or looking to replicate essential systems then The Cloud is the only cost-effective solution.

Compared to replicating your hardware a cloud DR solution is very cost effective as you do not pay many of the chargers unless you actually have to use it. We have access to Azure and to GIG and are on hand to guide you through the correct solution.


What our customers say

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“You made a daunting task very simple to understand.”

Speak to us about your server options
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Speak to our in house server room experts if you are interested in learning more about the optimum server balance for your school.

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