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Academy ICT classroom solutions aid the teacher and give SMT more control, mixing world class hardware with modern software to improve outcomes in the classroom.

Engaging, powerful and modern software

Concentrating on how your teaching staff can further deliver ever more engaging and powerful content in their lessons is at the core of every classroom solution Academy ICT offer. Our classroom solutions allow the school to monitor student work and behaviour whilst improving outcomes in the classroom. Students can receive content and collaborate with each other, respond to the lesson plan, adapt to changes during the lesson and be assessed, quicker and with greater outcomes.

Assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control made easy

We provide schools with software to make assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control easier. With features supporting technology-led teaching and learning, we offer teachers software to engage students and improve learning outcomes. This solution not only saves time and maintains student focus, but also improves learning outcomes, regardless of the preferred learning style. Read more about our classroom management solutions here.

Classroom Interactive Touchscreens

Our classroom software works great in tandem with a modern Interactive Touchscreen. We have a range of screens for you to try

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What our customers say

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“All pre install fears were lifted. Academy ICT supplied and installed 29 of our new touchscreens in 3 days, removing the old IWB’s and projectors at the same time. The install was incredible.”

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