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Our modern server room solutions
are stable, scalable and resilient.

Stable, scalable and resilient solutions

We work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell and Intel to deliver your school with the optimum server room solution. Microsoft and VMware also add to our software solutions with their powerful feature sets.

We believe that schools still benefit the most from on premise servers and that they offer the best value. However the strategies we are putting in place will also enable a move to a cloud based server in future years if you wish to whilst offering a cost effective DR solution now. Even though there are tangible benefits from delivering some services through the cloud, there is still a huge advantage to deploying on premise solutions.

Tier one accreditations

We hold tier one accreditations to provide enterprise-class, school specific, server room solutions so you can feel assured that you are in safe hands whilst choosing your server room solution.

Cloud or on-premise?

The key is to achieve the right balance between on-premise and cloud solutions for your school and Academy ICT will guide you on the optimum server balance for you. We offer both Multi-Tiered and Hybrid Server Solutions. Read more about these here.

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