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Academy ICT offer solutions that ensure complete school protection.

A secure online learning environment

As the use of technology increases in schools, you need a complete solution to help monitor and manage its use. Our E-Safety solutions can support your staff in achieving best practice and protect students, both in the classroom and across the school. With the correct E-Safety solution, your school staff can be confident in their role in providing a safe learning environment for students and that your students are protected.

E-safety comes in many guises – Filtering, MDM, Dedicated e-safety software.

Solutions which do not interrupt learning

Our platform has a built-in safeguarding module as standard – to help schools improve their E-Safety and safeguarding functions; its range of proactive and reactive features being specifically designed to protect students without impacting learning outcomes. We offer identity management as your users are moving around, from one class to another from home to school; from one device to a different one and reporting on a user’s activity.

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