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Our accessible Classroom Management solutions have features for teachers to make the best use of technology in their classroom.

Easier assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control

Rising to the challenge and requirements of the modern classroom, we provide the ability to control and then deliver lesson content, working collaboratively whilst monitoring student workflow, ensuring that complete student attention and focus is maintained at all times. We provide schools with this software to make assessment, monitoring, collaboration and control easier.

With features supporting technology-led teaching and learning, we offer teachers software to engage students and improve learning outcomes. This solution not only saves time and maintains student focus, but also improves learning outcomes, regardless of the preferred learning style.

Key features include

View and control student devices such as laptops, PC’s, Chromebooks and Ipads

Digital journals of key content

Testing and assessment tools

Internet metering and control

Real-time instruction tools

Show teacher’s screen to students

Instant student surveys

Application metering and control

Hand out and collect work

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