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Academy ICT can provide solutions for the entire school and have award winning “large format” audio visual solutions and robust enterprise class wireless networks.

Theatres, Halls, Gymnasiums, Dining Rooms, Kitchens and Outside Spaces.

We can design, install, supply and support you on a wide range of large space solutions to ensure optimal outcomes whilst meeting all budgets.

Large hall spaces are taking on a collaborative use approach, and we now offer student-led solutions that allow multiple groups of users to share and send work to one space from another, enhancing collaboration throughout the school or MAT.

We supply very large format Audio Visual and projection, multi-user online wireless, cashless catering software, EPOS systems, key fob solutions and network access for all systems found in areas such as the Theatre, Halls, Gymnasiums, Dining Rooms, Kitchens and Outside Spaces.

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Wireless solutions across multiple devices

Imagine students projecting their content to a room for others to interact with, whilst they remain in class, at another school or even from a field trip.

Our wireless solutions allow for a large number of users on multiple devices to be in the space and on the network all at the same time.

We also supply long-range wireless solutions for cross-campus, across the road and between town requirements.

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What our customers say

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“You achieved in six weeks what our old supplier could not in 12 months. We were very impressed.”

Gereint, School Project Manager, Warwick

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