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Academy ICT will enhance your classroom with powerful lesson presentation software.

Software to maximise the use of your technology

We offer a wide range of software solutions for both lesson preparation and lesson presentation.

Often linked to a front of classroom audio visual solution, it is the software that really makes the screen work for your classroom needs. What you can do with the software is critical in how your lessons will run – the software and its use are what turns your screen into a powerful teaching device.

Academy ICT also provides training after installation, to ensure that your school’s team fully maximise the software capabilities.

Upload SMART files and save money

One of the core benefits of our software is that it enables users to import pre-existing, familiar whiteboard content or lesson plans and continue to use them. Then after you have become used to the new software, you can stop paying for your existing classroom software because ours is bundled free of charge with the screens.



Create New

Designed to work in a live environment, our software gives the teacher and student the ability to work over the top of any digital content or web browser on both PC and MAC. With over 50 subject-specific tools for a variety of curriculum topics available in 43 different languages, it enables teachers to create engaging and interactive lessons.

What our customers say

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“The software training after install was very useful indeed. We are really starting to use all of the features now.”

Lesson prep software is often bundled with a touchscreen

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