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Everything a school needs for its software delivery

From Server room to classroom

Everything a school needs for its software delivery, from server room back-ups to classroom presentations, from the large hall on-demand video delivery, to your admin teams office requirements.

Fit for purpose software solutions

What you deliver with your technology is critical, therefore fit for purpose educational specific software solutions are essential. Our software solutions are relevant and effective. They will enhance your classroom and help manage your network.

In 2019 Schools saved 14% purchasing their Microsoft licences via Academy ICT.

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What software solution do you need?

Our software delivery is extensive, ranging from classroom Instruction, Orchestration, Monitoring & Management systems to world-class e-Safety solutions offering real-time content analysis and filtering.

If its design software you require we offer Adobe Creative Clouds powerful new solutions. As a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller, we are best placed to show you how to save money. It does not matter if you are on a three-year price fixed scheme, we can still shave the cost for you.

We are fully accredited to guide you, to save you money and to support you in the best use of the most powerful software platforms in use today.

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How we saved an Essex based trust £12,000

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Taking each of the 7 school’s agreements and placing them on one trust-wide platform, saved the Trust £12,000 in year one alone.

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