CTOUCH Laser Sky 4K Interactive Touch Screens

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Laser Sky is a versatile touchscreen that provides all the fundamentals you need to bring interactivity into the classroom. The screen comes with Adaptive Touch, which simulates natural handwriting, and two passive pens for easy and steady writing. With our free over-the-air updates, you can be assured that you’re always working with the latest version of our technology.

32 point Surface Light Wave™ allows 32 fingers at the same time

Annotate over any software

7 Year Warranty as standard

Built-in JBL® 80-watt speakers, with Live Stage (virtual), surround sound

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CTOUCH Laser Sky 4k Screens

Easy and efficient use

Controlling the display with just one button.

When pressing the button on the front of the display, an on-screen Float Bar will appear. This Float Bar gives you access to the display menu, allows you to change source or to adjust the volume. It also gives access to all other apps on the display as well as to the annotation app. This versatile annotation app enables you to easily annotate over any software.

Control your display at a distance

Change settings of the display (such as switching sources, turning on and off the display, changing image and sound settings) from a remote location.

Adaptive Touch

The Adaptive Touch simulates natural handwriting, as it has the power to adjust to the writing speed. When increasing the speed of writing, the touch frame will accelerate the speed of data processing. This creates a fluent line, even when writing fast.

Value Added Satisfaction Guaranteed! We offer FREE of charge go-live day, onsite technical support and follow up staff training

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CTOUCH Laser Sky screens and Octopus save schools a bundle

Each CTOUCH screen comes bundled with Octopus lesson presentation software. CTOUCH screens can also run SMART software and Powerpoint, meaning whilst you learn how to use Octopus you can carry on with your existing lesson plans. Then when you are ready, simply swap out the paid for SMART software and start saving money year on year with the free of charge, Octopus.

What makes the CTOUCH Laser Sky Screens different

If you want to prepare your students for the future while ensuring that they still enjoy learning, use the Laser Sky touchscreen from CTOUCH. The Laser Sky provides perfect sound and 4k images, is very easy and intuitive to use, and offers exceptional reliability. The Laser Sky provides crystal clear images, and features a power-saving ambient light sensor to save energy and money.

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